The Influence Lab – Final projects

During their third year, the students specialize in the Influence Lab. Under the close guidance of senior mentors from the industry, the students apply the tools they have acquired, and gain practical experience working on their final project over the course of one year.

Students choose to focus on one of three areas in the lab:

  • Non-Scripted Content Creation: Research, Produce & Measure
  • Impact: From Hashtag to Movement
  • Investigative Journalism

Non-Scripted Content Creation: Research, Produce & Measure

Documenting the lives of others is an unexpected journey. Telling the stories of the silenced, of the underprivileged, uncovering those stories left untold or hidden, is more than merely an opportunity or an honor, it can be one’s life mission. Documentaries are moving, compelling, entertaining, and funny, equally if not more so, than fiction, as they are made from the fabric of ‘real’ life. In the 21st century, those who produce interesting and innovative content and stories have the potential to shape the agenda ‘de jour’. As such, this workshop will focus on storytelling based on documentary content told using a wide variety of platforms: documentary web series, documentary films, documentary televisions series, and documentary cross platform projects. Stories that aim to document reality as well as mold it, change it, influence it, through the medium as well as through the content. In addition, we will examine the documentarist's place in dealing with social, cultural and political issues, and will explore the extent to which the camera affects the documented reality. This workshop develops different approaches to documentary storytelling, research, fieldwork, directing, photography, editing and other practical aspects of production. We will focus special attention on finding the correct platforms for the created documentary content. This workshop will combine between lectures and fieldwork, structuring and reviewing the participants' working process – from research through scripting, shooting and editing.

Content Hub

Impact - From Hashtag to Social Movements

Engaging audiences via strategic communication, to promote agendas and goals. In recent years, the ability of social networks to influence our lives and shape perceptions in diverse fields has been repeatedly seen. As part of the annual Impact Project, students will initiate, build, and manage an extensive online campaign, promoting a social cause, based on the knowledge and skills they had acquired in the different specialization classes and workshops. Different tools will assist them in promoting their cause: strategic communication, community building, content creation, video production, activism, journalistic research, the creation and promotion of messages, creativity, selecting the right platforms to create impact, blocking messages and mobilization of users. As part of the project, the students create an online community of activists who share the desire to advance a social cause and influence international public opinion, using diverse tools and tackling the challenges posed by the online space.

Investigative Journalism

The yearlong workshop, focusing on Investigative Journalism, builds on your knowledge acquired during the basic 1st and 2nd year courses. The workshop exposes students to the fascinating world of journalism in the digital era. It offers the students a unique opportunity to learn from and work with leading professionals in the journalism field and produce high-end investigative projects. The workshop targets students who wish to acquire a deep understanding and practical experience of in-depth investigative journalism.

During the first semester the students will receive the theoretical foundation – focusing on how to build an in-depth story, conduct relevant research, find sources, conduct professional interviews, and build a journalistic narrative that will fit different media platforms. During the second semester the students will practice their skills. Lecturers become mentors and will personally guide the students through their individual investigative projects – assist them in conducting their research, seek for credible sources, conduct interviews, and build a coherent narrative. The mentors will guide the students individually throughout the semester, with the aim of creating high-quality projects that might be published on written or video platforms. The subjects for the investigative piece can differ and are chosen by the students – social matters, environmental issues, bureaucracy injustice, etc.

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